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Asset Management Solutions

Gain back control of your business assets
Managing mission-critical operational assets with cloud-based, self-service automated locker systems.

In virtually every operating environment, productivity and operational efficiency are dependent on the use of Mission-Critical Assets such as equipment, instruments, handheld and other electronic devices, tools and rechargeable batteries. Without reliable, constant access to the assets required to do their jobs, workers cannot perform their assigned tasks, productivity and safety suffer, and operating costs escalate dramatically. Often, operations cannot function at all without these assets. This is why they are often referred to as "mission critical."

The use of mission-critical sssets cuts across all industries and operational settings. From logistics and transportation, to healthcare, institutions and retail, to manufacturing, industrial and construction environments, the need is pervasive. However, most systems currently in use to manage, track and control these assets are inefficient, costly and woefully inadequate. This is true for both small and mid-size companies and for the largest global organisations. The result is that billions of pounds are wasted annually in retrieval, management and replacement of these needed items.

Reduce loss and keep hand-held devices and tools ready to work

Get 24/7 visibility into who’s using devices and tools, and where. Greater accountability protects your investment and minimises loss and damage.

Automate alerts for device service and lease periods

Always be in control of your assets. Proactively mange your assets with digital lockers as this enables you to set maintenance and lease return dates for devices, receiving automatic notifications when actions or items are due.

Choose from a variety of flexible configurations
With so many DCs turning to automation to improve operations, it’s not surprising that many have discovered AXCESS™ Automated Locker Solutions from Unidoc Solutions.

Trajectory Cloud: The smarts behind the scenes
The Trajectory Cloud™ platform makes these smart devices absolutely brilliant. You’ll know who used what, when and where, 24/7. And you can automate replenishment and set up alerts and notifications to manage service, maintenance and calibration.


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