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Intelligent Information Output

Gain control of your printing infrastructure in the digital office
Remove security vulnerabilities, gain insight into your operations and reduce your carbon footprint with intelligent information output.

Unidoc Solutions are experts in helping businesses transform their print infastructure via a managed print service.

Our intelligent information output software enables organisations to help manage not only their printing costs but also improve their document security policies.

Intelligently control user print behaviour by limiting access to devices, colour and even audit the contents of documents for further data security.

The follow-me print technology can ensure print jobs route from expensive desktop printers to more cost effective floor standing multi-functional devices (MFDs) or into in-house print rooms.

Coupled with the integration of Business Analytics tools for visibility of your print fleet in real time.

Award winning secure print features

Improve document security by adopting a follow-me environment

Reduce print costs and help save the environment

With a robust print policy in place organisations can reduce operational costs and lower paper wastage

How can Intelligent Output Management help to improve your Business?

Control and reduce print and copy costs
The built-in reporting system means that printing, copying, faxing and scanning usage can be tracked and assessed so that internal costs can be charged back correctly and current usage audited.

Increase document security
Allow only authorised access to devices which can help keep confidential documents out of the wrong hands.

Improve employee productivity
Provision of mobile printing facilities allows users to print where and when needed which increases employee productivity.

Help save the environment
Intelligent Output Management can provide an analysis to structure an environmental printing strategy, saving valuable resources and improving environmental performance.

Intelligent Output Management Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Award winning secure print features
  • Flexible and scalable to grow with your business
  • Automated reports
  • Reduce output costs

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