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Convenient Hydration. Clean. Efficient. Revolutionary.
A glass of fresh air - Perfect for offices or homes, the Skywell generates almost 20 litres of clean drinking water per day - hot or cold.

How it works
Just plug it in; the Skywell takes in ambient air, collects moisture through condensation, then meticulously filters it to remove contaminants. This pure water is ready for dispensing - hot or cold.

How it thinks
The Skywell is not only revolutionary; it’s smart too. An 8-inch interactive screen displays water temperatures and stored volume, and tracks your consumption data and total environmental impact. The screen also enables you to program the Skywell for maximum efficiency.

You control your own water

Eliminating your reliance on potentially contaminated municipal water and a decaying water delivery infrastructure

Environmentally and socially responsible

Skywell re-imagines the future of drinking water with a commitment to help reduce usage of plastic and its carbon footprint with no pumping, piping, shipping or delivery

Your Skywell is no mere water cooler

It’s well-informed on environmental and health issues related to drinking water. Take our daily EcoQuiz to test your knowledge on the environment or create your own unique Hydration Profile, which allows you to set daily hydration goals, indicates water consumption, and lets you know how many plastic bottles you’ve saved as a result of using the Skywell. Even casual Skywell users will begin to think differently about drinking water.

Skywell video


Watch the video to learn more.

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