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Visual Solutions

Enhance your ability to communicate internally and externally
Innovative interactive meeting room screens, flexible digital signage & professional displays

From commercial displays for digital signage, through to interactive displays for a true pen-on-paper experience, Unidoc Solutions, leveraging Sharp's cutting edge technology has a visual solution for every need.

Our professional display solutions and video walls are ideal for any environment where clear communication of complex information is essential. Our large format display will get your message across in crowded and busy locations such as shopping malls and transport hubs. And for smaller spaces, we have a range of best-in-class visual business solutions with sizes starting from 32”.

Whatever your application, need or environment, you’ll find a digital display to suit in our range of visual solutions.

Interactive Solutions

Sharp's interactive display solutions allow for effortless collaboration, communication and sharing. Their easy-to-use and highly responsive touch performance ensure that users are confident and can focus on their primary task. The beautifully developed applications tools are brilliant for any environment and ensure seamless integration with existing software and hardware.

Educational Interactive Tables

Sharp’s BIG PAD Interactive Table: Early Years Edition is an interactive and mobile activity board ideal for all Early Years Foundation Stage education and entertainment needs. The robust and durable table uses the latest 10 point touch technology to allow a number of children to draw and make marks directly onto the screen using either their hand or finger. It's also a 40" android tablet with all the capabilities and connectivity you would expect.

Professional Displays

Our professional products have specific capabilities including 24/7 operation, landscape, portrait and horizontal installation options plus high brightness and high resolution displays to ensure optimum effect in all conditions and locations.

Sharp pride themselves on their reputation as industry leading innovators in the world of LCD display. This has been built on relentless commitment and the dedication of time, expertise and resources to the development of new technology. Take, for example, the UV2A technology behind the LCD panels, an innovative combination of Sharp proprietary materials, allowing ultra high contrast and image resolution but also, thanks to the most efficient use of back lighting, ground breaking energy efficiency.

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